IndustryVault provides a wide range of solutions for different industries.

Secure Cloud-based Data Access

The IndustryVault platform is a turnkey solution for securely hosting and disseminating datasets in the cloud. Whether you’re a private company providing data to investors or regulators, or a public agency or non-profit foundation wanting to make data publicly available, the IndustryVault platform offers a solution that is much more than a portal for downloading data. We offer a collaborative workspace where data consumers can analyze data directly without worrying about downloading, managing, and analyzing large datasets on their own system(s). Moreover, our solution offers varying degrees of secure cloud access data, ranging from fully private (i.e., only authorized users), fully public, or hybrid models that restrict permission by user type.

IndustryVault Mortgage is an example of how third-party data providers make mortgage and real estate industry data available to industry participants.

Outsourced Data Analysis Infrastructure

IndustryVault can reduce your IT burden by hosting your company’s data for analysis on our platform. Because there is no hardware or software to purchase, install, or configure, customers can avoid the risks of a failed data warehousing project. By utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) computing infrastructure, IndustryVault offers scalability and reliability, far superior to most in-house solutions. Moreover, our pricing model is based primarily on terabytes of data loaded on our platform so customers only pay for what they need.

Integrated Reporting and Analytics

Since many firms wrestle with the challenge of “siloed” information, IndustryVault offers a solution that both integrates data from across the organization, as well as provides access to that same data across a wide variety of users. For one-off projects all the way up to corporate “data lakes”, the IndustryVault solution brings together disparate datasets from across the firm and also offers access to valuable third party datasets for your industry to further enrich your data. Moreover, we provide all of your users - business analysts, data scientists, database administrators, etc - access to the same data via cutting-edge browser-based tools, bolstered by a collaborative web portal for each project that contains data, documentation, and version-controlled code all in one place. IndustryVault enables a single source of truth by integrating your data with the best user-specific tools for data analysis.